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War of Conquest is a online multiplayer strategic game in which you will createyour nation and make it grow.

War of Conquest is a very addictive game to play by many people simultaneously. Though, War of Conquest may seem to be a low quality game at the beginning, it will be enough to play just a few minutes to realize that the success ofitcomes up when playing. While playing, youwill be able to create your nation, make alliances with other players, lookfor new technologies and fight in battles.

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You can play War of Conquest for free, though it also contain some elements that you can buy and that will give you more advantage during the game.

Moreover, you can also earn money if you get "orbs".

Undoubtedly, War of Conquest is a game that will exciteany follower of strategic games. Maybe, the graphics it contains are not the best, but its level of game successfuly compensates any lack of draws.

by Augusto Baldi

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