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War and Peace is an online war strategy game. It takes place in the 1860s, during the American Civil War. To rewrite American history, you will be playing as a military commander. You will build your headquarters, train troops, and win battles.

It is a very active game, and the first few hours are crucial. A peace shield protects your base from enemy attacks and prevents it from being attacked for a short time. You are now vulnerable to enemy attack if the peace shield is removed. To withstand any enemy attack, you must set up your basecamp.

It is important to increase your production rate. The level of your production houses is not limited by your HQ, unlike other strategy games. You can build as many production houses, lumber mills, or farms as you like and then keep upgrading them.

Battles allow you to deploy troops in strategic formations and carry out your plans. You can also send troops out to plunder resources on the globe map. War and Peace allow you to experience civil war in all its glory. You will be hooked for hours by its compelling storyline and captivating gameplay.


  • During the civil war, you can live in 1861
  • The original war accounts are available for you to see
  • Get up your defenses quickly
  • Increase your base to build it
  • Build an army and recruit troops
  • To win in battles, use artillery and heavy weapons
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    How to PLAY War and Peace on PC

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