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VueScan is an application used to scan, regardless of the scanner you have.

Free download and fast installation, VueScan becomes an excellent tool to work and study because not only scan images and documents but also functions as a copier through the "Copy to printer".

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Your have old photos, you want to have them in digital format and store them forever? VueScan will help you scan them and edit them, because it also incorporates photo editing tools like filters to adjust color and retouching.

The interface is very simple, so you do not need prior knowledge to scan or copy. Just browse through the tabs at the top and choose the action you want to do. For if in doubt, VueScan guides you telling you what to do, so do not worry about anything as your photos and documents will be correct.

One of the main features of VueScan is the ability to adjust the scan size and also add a description, copyright and date to the scan file. It also allows you to extract images directly from your digital camera.

If you want to post pictures on a web page using the JPG file format, and if you need to print select TIFF. In the "Output", in addition to these two options, you will also find the ability to save a file as PDF.

Through the bottom tab "More" VueScan offers more advanced preferences for scanning and copying.

by Augusto Baldi

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