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Vodburner is an application to record videos and audios of video calls we make through Skype.

Many professionals, especially journalists, need Vodburner to record the interviews they do. In the past, interviews were made personally or by phone, but today, modern technology allows doing them also via any instant messenger software. It is extremely useful to be able to record the conversations in order to later write an article, a report or transcribe the talk.

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Vodburner is also beneficial for those professionals who have conferences with several people and need to record the online meeting; even for students who share knowledge and later wish to go over what they compiled during the chat.

What Vodburner does is recording the conversation you have with another person through Skype, both image and sound. Besides, it allows adding subtitles to the recordings, including an image or background music, adjusting the camera focusing or deleting certain moments of the call.

Before starting a conversation, Vodburner will send a message to your dialog partner, asking them for permission to be recorded, since the program registers both sides of the conversation, and it does so in high resolution. So in a few clicks you can have a video saved in your computer which you can later edit if you wish to do so.

As an extra, Vodburner offers you the possibility to upload your video to your Youtube account from the same program.

by Augusto Baldi

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