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Vocaluxe is a karaoke game inspired by the Singstar games and Ultrastar.

This open source software, totally free, lets you have fun with your friends at any party, meeting or gathering where music is the favorite guest.

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Vocaluxe is highly customizable: you can add all the songs you like to sing, add your favorite songs and adding thereto sounds. Through playlists, songs will keep organized.

The game modes are varied in Vocaluxe. By duel option as the name implies-can beat you to a duel with up to five players simultaneously. The goal of this mode is to get more points than your competitors and beat them musically.

You can also compete in duet mode, directly with another singer, or be part of the chorus of the songs that are running in Vocaluxe. Also, with this program you sing short or reduced versions of a song.

Each Vocaluxe players can choose an avatar and read at any time game statistics and points earned with singing. One of the most interesting features Vocaluxe is that you can compare the statistics of the players and see who has more skills in the vocal cords and intonation.

Maybe you can challenge your friends and compete to see who is a musical glory?

by Augusto Baldi

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