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VocalizeU is a software that teaches us to sing and helps us improve our singing technique.

There are many methods and schools of singing. VocalizeU is based on the technique of Speech Level Singing (SLS), which was created by Seth Riggs who has taught singing for many famous artists, including Michael Jackson. The person behind VocalizeU, is Dave Stroud, a renowned singing teacher SLS method.

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VocalizeU not replace a singing teacher, but it helps enormously to make singing practices at home and to assess our progress. Thanks to the tutorial videos you will see which is the correct way to place the larynx when singing, how to reach high notes without running out of breath, and a few tips that comes in handy.

The program evaluates your voice and assigns a series of workouts you should go for a few days, then your voice will be evaluated and depending on the progress you have earned will be assigned other training.

VocalizeU keeps a diary of your lessons and you can always listen to your previous lessons and thus realize the progress that has followed over time.

VocalizeU is a great program for those looking to improve their voice in singing.

by Augusto Baldi

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