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VirtualDubMod allows us to perform basic operations on video files in AVI. MKV, MPEG and OGM format.

This program allows us to make simple editions on video file. It cannot be considered a full video editor, since it was not created with that purpose, and doesn't include all the features necessary to be considered as such.

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The use of VirtualDubMod is simple. We have to open the video file we want to modify and apply the changes we want. The program allows us to crop video, apply filters and delete or modify audio track. At any time we can see the results of the modifications that we have made without having to process the video. The program displays two windows, the first with the original video and the second with effects and changes applied. So we can compare in real-time the changes made to the video.

Some of the effects/filters that can be applied to videos are: black and white, image smoothing, image rotation according to the angle defined, insertion of a logo or other image, resize/scale, etc. The program is designed so new filters and effects can be added using plugins.

It also allows to capture video through an external device, such as a webcam, capture card, video camera, etc. Video capturing process is highly optimized and consume few resources, so we will be able to make use of this program in “old“ computers.

This program is a modification of the original software VirtualDub, and their main difference is that it adds support for more video formats. VirtualDubMod stopped developing in the year 2006. Today can be used normally and works fine. It's open source and free.

by Augusto Baldi

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