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Videoder let us download videos from Youtube on Android devices.

With this software we can download Youtube videos and save them on our mobile or Android tablet. Its use is very simple, we will just have to make a search in the built-in search engine, and select the video we want to download.

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When we have selected the video to download, we will be able to play it, and choose the format in which we want to save the video. The formats in which we can save the video are: webm, mp4, flv, 3gp and mp3. mp4 format accepts high resolution, so if the video we want to download is in high-definition, we will be able to download it to our Android.

If we're downloading high-definition videos, the software will need to install FFMPEG plugin, which will be installed automatically by the software when we download any HD video or any mp3 file.

Videoder allows us the option to pause and resume download of videos, so we will be able to resume it at any time.

We will be able to select the location where to save downloaded videos. So we can arrange the downloaded videos by subject, or save the audio files (mp3), in the music folder.

We will be able to access downloaded videos in “Downloads” section. Here, we will see a list of all videos we've downloaded using the program, along with the name and size of each one. Selecting a video from the list, we will be able to: display, to remove from the list, delete from device, see details or restart video download with another settings different from the original.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, so at the first moment, we can use the software without need of any type of manual or tutorial. In addition, the interface is very well maintained and has a modern style, which makes the program very nice to use.

We offer to download the .apk file, so you'll have to install it by copying the file to the mobile and running it, or using an application such as Airdroid, with which you can manage the .apk files without the use of any kind of cable to connect the phone to PC.

The software is open source and free.

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