Viber allows to follow and chat with celebrities


Viber is the direct competitor of WhatsApp, and despite having fewer users, it doesn't cease to innovate and develop interesting updates.

The new version of Viber for iOS and Android allows access to “Public Chats”. On these chats, we will be able to share text messages, videos, stickers, etc. The peculiarity of these “Public Chats”, is that it will be led by famous or well-known people, for example, there are chat rooms where we can interact with Pitbull, Paul van Dyk, the blogger Perez Hilton, or radio and tv stations. By the time there are 300 groups of “Public Chats”.

In principle to participate in these Chat rooms is free of charge, but for the moment, not everyone can interact in these Chats, since you will need to receive an invitation to participate in the public talk. In the future, this feature will be open to more public, so that probably any user can participate freely in these Chat groups.
At any time you can join these Public Chats and see what happens in them, even though you can't write a message or a sticker. Sure that many users appreciate this feature even if the can't participate directly in the conversation.

This can be a new way of communication so that some celebrities and popular people can chat on a daily basis with his followers or detractors. Yet the truth is that it will be interesting to see how the use of this new functionality evolves.

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