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Vega Strike is a gratuitous 3D simulation game in which we command a space ship which pursuits defending the earth of attacks of enemies from other galaxies or meteorites and natural phenomena that threaten to exterminate life in the planet.

Our mission, once we accept it, is shooting continually against the imminent threats against our planet and for this end we have several tactical alternatives as the following ones:

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  1. We can locate ourselves on a galactic chart adjacent to our aim with the purpose of to predict the threats and to neutralize them.
  2. We possess high technology weapons in which those we can highlight guided missiles that will pursue an enemy space ship or that will "stick" in an asteroid.
  3. In Vega Strike can watch through radar that will show us in 3D map the vicinities showing any anomaly that could generate any kind of damage to our ship.

Vega Strike offers the possibility to play online and, after connecting to a server, we can form teams among several connected players to accomplish specific missions or simply so that some players attack and others defend an objective outlined by the game.

The experiences that we will be able to live in this game, will surely relax us for a good while besides allowing a better knowledge of the confines of the infinite universe.

by Augusto Baldi

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