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Veetle Player is a utility for entertainment times that allows you to watch television via web.

But this system does not work only through internet; Veetle Player also uses P2P streaming technology so that each one of the users that are watching certain channel can collaborate so that the same one can be seen with more speed in data transference as well as its video quality.

Veetle Player screenshot

The utility can be downloaded from Veetle Player website, but is necessary to mention that once installed it do not appear nor in the desktop nether in operative system initial menu making it work in a better way.

You should visit Veetle Player official website to see some TV shows and simply select the available channels, it offers you a space where you can leave your comments about it so the system can be increased. Besides, if a user has your webpage he can select his favorite channel and incorporate it to his webpage by copying its code.

by Augusto Baldi

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