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USB Utilities is an excellent tool to know your USB drive state, one of the most mass storage media commonly used today.

One of the facilities USB Utilities has is that it does not need a previous installation. The only prerequisite for working with this application is that it is within the memory you want to find out, otherwise it will not run.

USB Utilities screenshot

Once open the USB Utilities interface, you can meet all your USB information: name, space used, total space, format and shown as a percentage space used to have a better idea of use in the storage device.

At the top of the interface you can view other options added as "Patch USB" USB Name where you can change the name of your device if you wish, Disinfect, if your USB is inhabited by viruses, USB Utilities it will eliminate, uncover and Backups are other activities you can perform on your USB drive with this tool.

The most usual is that the USB has saved quite important and relevant information on any matter, which is completely necessary to know the state it is, with their characteristics and protecting it from possible infection.

by Augusto Baldi

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