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UMPlayer is a free multimedia player that can play Youtube videos.

Due to the large amount of digital media formats that exists nowdays (DVDs, music CDs, digital video and audio files, etc), it is necessary to have several programs to play each of the media formats.

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UMPlayer brings together in a single software the possibility of play a variety of multimedia formats. In addition to the mentioned above, this player also play the signal of the TV cards (both tv channels, and radio channels).
It can also play Online radios available at SHOUTcast.

The program plays almost all existing video and audio formats. When the program is installed, there is the option install package codecs that allow to play a large amount of multimedia files. These codecs are not mandatory for the program to work, but are recommended if our computer does not have installed any type of codecs.

One of the main features of this software, is the low use of system resources. So much so, that it can use only half of the memory and processor used by the popular software VLC.
The quality of sound and video image is one of its highlights, exceeding many of actual video players softwares.

User interface is very simple and intuitive. In the menu tools there are available all the options and settings that affect the program. From these menus we can: change the aspect ratio of the videos, add effects to the sound, change the number of audio channels (Stereo, 4.1, or 5.1), find and set the subtitles to the video, navigate DVD menu, change the visual aspect of the program, and more.

At the top right there is a search engine that serves to search on Youtube or SHOUTcast.
If we do a search on Youtube, a new window will appear with the results of the search. The results can be sorted by: most relevant, most recent, most viewed. Double clicking on any of those videos, this will open in the video player.
This software can also record Youtube videos on the hard disk. So it is only necessary to press the “record” (red circle that appears next to “Stop” button) while Youtube video is in progress.

The program is free and cross-platform, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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