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Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fxis a real-time powerful guitar effects processor that makes the same job as a guitar pedal.

The fist time the program is run on the computer Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx will offer you the options to configure the audio of the system.

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx results really easy to use and contains a wide range of effects (more than twenty) which can be used with most styles of music. It also has a numerous quantity of filters to control distortion tones. Moreover, it can be used with keyboards and vocals.

Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx has four different kinds of distortion: standard, tubeish overdrive, multibandand fuzz, which sound very good with the guitar’s rhythm and can be use in many diverse styles of music. In the beginning and till familiarize with the dynamics of Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx you will be able to use pre-established settings for all your favourite songs, otherwise to build your own preset collection (presets), or to modify them to suit your taste and discover new sounds.

Use the tuner and the spectrum analyzer together to make the tuning easier. Place the lateral bars in parallel for the fist time with a strong level on the analyzer to tune the strings quickly.

In short, Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx is a useful software to musicians or music lovers who join the pleasure of playing the guitar to new technologies.

by Augusto Baldi

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