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UFO2000 is a tactic and strategy war game, in which the main goal is to attack the enemy in groups or teams.

In UFO2000 there are only two modalities, one is about playing with only one user against the computer, it’s a hard task if we don’t know how it could behave not being able to analyze our computer’s different tactics.

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In the other hand, the other modality is about UFO2000 in multiplayer system, in which we can combat with other players, via internet, or inclusive by local net, having, this way, a combat in equal conditions that will allow you to make alliances with other users instead of with a computer.

UFO2000 is a game in which we can customize the type of guns that we have or want to, so as choosing the soldier’s combat conditions to accomplish the established objectives; the guns are the best part, since we can count on high power canons that can destroy a great wall through a long distance, counting also with exceptional sound effects in each explosion, which gives more realism and emotion to the free game that we can play with UFO2000.

by Augusto Baldi

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