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UFO Alien Invasion is a videogame in which you can defend the planet of an alien invasion combating against the Martians invaders.

With UFO Alien Invasion you will be able to choose a great amount of weapons to destroy the invaders and send them back to their origin planet. You will have to form your own anti extraterrestrial defense squadron , to catch the largest amount of weapons of your opponents, to combat without losing time and without leaving that the aliens understand your strategy, making effort to decipher your space opponents attack intentions.

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In UFO Alien Invasion latest version, new elements and new technologies has been incorporated, that’s the reason why now the videogame is so much better than its previous versions.

Along with UFO Alien Invasion’s new version characteristics we can find:

  1. New maps, weapons and races of aliens.
  2. New sounds and sound band.
  3. Faster online mode.
  4. Capital letters key use for aiming and shooting your objectives.
  5. E-mail communication system.

UFO Alien Invasion is a tactical strategy videogame based in war with very similar characteristics to the PC X-WITH games with gratuitous download.

by Augusto Baldi

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