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TVUPlayer is a PC program that allowed to watch satellite and cable TV channels.

The February 25, 2013 this program stopped working due to developer (TVU Networks) decided to stop supporting the Television platform that TVUPlayer uses to show hundreds of channels. The program is still usable, so we can run it and browse through the list of channels that were offered, but when we try to watch any channel, the program will not display any image or sound.

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Originally this program was able to “tune in” hundreds of channels from all over the world, being the majority in English language. Here are some TV channels that this program was able to tune: NASA TV, Cartoon Network, FOX, CBS, Black Belt TV, Nostaliga TV, Nickelodeon, and MavTV. The channels are organized in categories: news, sports, movies, cartoons, music, science, etc. The program allowed to add channels to a favorites list.

It was also possible to pause the broadcast of a television program and resume it later. Even the program had the option to record the a channel without the need to install any additional software.

TVUPlayer was a program that was used by a multitude of users and that during 5 years of life, offered an excellent service for free.

by Augusto Baldi

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