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Tunngle allows playing video games via Internet as if we were playing them in a Local Area Network (LAN).

The video games with the option of playing in a Local Network are set for various PCs connected to the same network to play among each other. Local networks consist of PCs located in the same place. So, if we want to play with a friend in a Local Network, we have to be located in the same space and share the same network to be able to play in the LAN (Local Area Network) mode.

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Thanks to Tunngle we can take advantage of the LAN mode to play with friends located in any other place. To do this, the software creates a Virtual LAN among various PCs and enables the ability to play online via Internet. This is very useful for video games not having active servers but LAN mode.

To start using the software, we have to sign up in its website. Once signed up, we can join several game servers. For example, we can join the Far Cry 2 game server, where there will be more gamers online. After selecting the game server, the software will ask us to indicate which is the executable file (.exe) of the game. Once selected the executable of the game, we are able to launch it from Tunngle, and we'll enjoy the LAN game mode, playing with gamers around the world.

By default, the software brings multiple servers created for different games, so we only have to search for the game name and launch the partner server. Game servers are classified by categories, so we can see which are the fullest servers in a specific category (e.g., FPS), and enter the game server that has more online gamers.
These game servers also have their own chat for us to talk to other gamers being connected to the same server.

We can join preexisting servers if we want to, create our own server, and share the server information with friends, so they connect to our Tunngle server, where only the users with the connection data will be able to play. We will have the option to leave the server open, or to password protect it, so only users with such password access to it.

The software installs a special Windows network device, so it will ask for permissions to do it. This is required for the proper operation of the software, so we must allow the new device to be installed.

The software is free and translated into Spanish, though we have a paid version including several improvements, such as blocking the ads that are shown when we open the software.

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