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We were eager to learn more about this brand-new development in the mobile gaming world because we are ardent fans of both the Tower of God franchise and mobile games. We've spent weeks delving into every aspect of this game, including gameplay, mechanics, and everything in between. Today, we're here to give you the inside information on Tower of God: Great Journey.

The gameplay is one of the first things we noticed in Tower of God: Great Journey. Players must gather and level up characters in order to advance through the game's story because it is a role-playing game. Players must complete several missions, fight enemies, and level up their characters in the gameplay, similar to other mobile RPGs.


Players can sit back and watch their characters fight it out with enemies without having to manually manipulate their every move in the game's auto-play mode. This is a fantastic feature for those who want to level up their characters while engaging in other activities.


The wide variety of characters that are available to players is one of its best features. Characters from the Tower of God franchise are featured in the game, each with their own special skills and abilities. Players can summon new characters and add them to their collection using the game's gacha system.

It can be difficult to summon new characters, particularly the legendary ones, and we discovered that the game's summon rates were slightly lower. The game does, however, provide additional ways to pick up fresh characters, such as by finishing missions or taking part in events.

Sound and Graphics

Beautiful graphics that are faithful to the anime/manga source material can be found in Tower of God: Great Journey. Exploring the game's world is fun because it is vibrant and well-detailed. The characters are well-designed, and they move fluidly and smoothly.

The game's audio is also top-notch, incorporating a variety of tracks and sound effects to enhance the gameplay. The immersive and engrossing music enhances the overall gaming experience.

The best and worst features of the game


  • Excellent visuals and graphics that emulate the Tower of God series' appearance and feel
  • The gameplay mechanics are simple to learn, making the game playable for novice and seasoned players.
  • The Tower of God universe is faithfully represented in the game, which stays authentic to the source material.
  • A fun and interesting story mode that is well-written and paced


  • With summon rates and character progression being locked behind a paywall, the game is heavily centered on pay-to-win mechanics.
  • Gliches and crashes during gameplay have been reported by some players, which can be annoying and ruin the gaming experience.
  • After a while, the game may become monotonous, with little variety in the gameplay or activities to choose from.
  • With minimal player input or engagement, the game's autoplay feature can give the impression that it is playing itself.

Overall Impressions

Finally, Tower of God: Great Journey is a fun mobile game that appeals to both seasoned players and newcomers. The gameplay is interesting, and collecting and leveling up the characters is enjoyable. Top-notch graphics and sound enhance the immersive experience.

The game has some drawbacks, including low summon rates and heavy reliance on the gacha system. These flaws, however, are comparatively mild and do not lessen the game's overall enjoyment.

We heartily advise giving Tower of God: Great Journey a try if you enjoy mobile RPGs and the tower of god franchise. It's a fantastic addition to the world of mobile gaming and will undoubtedly keep you entertained for hours.

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    How to PLAY Tower of God: Great Journey on PC

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