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ToDoList is an administration of task and projects tool without caring about its complexity.

It has a simple and intuitive interface, ToDoList is extremely easy to use, and it allows dividing several times the most complex tasks in a lot of more simple units.

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Using ToDoList the lists of organized tasks is save XML file that could be use and process by each user according to the personal preferences.

Among the benefits that ToDoList offers, we can mention the creation of tasks and its corresponding assignation of priorities, assigned people, expiration dates and programmed delivery, progress percentage and more.

ToDoList: is a light and simple alternative that replaces other much more complex similar applications, while taking care of the most useful features, as the creation of multiple lists, the hierarchization of tasks and the attribution of priorities, risk, completed percentage, calculate time frame, start date, expiration date, finalization date and state.

A great advantage of ToDoList is that it is a free and portable application: you don't need to install it to use it, and it is so light that you can carry it in a USB device. You will only need to copy the executable file in the wanted archive and then open it.

by Augusto Baldi

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