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Time Princess is an outfit customization game for princesses that combines a novel simulation, dress-up dolls, and gacha applications.

The game's story starts with a magic book that opens portals to other universes, where the main goal is to collect all the unique clothes and pets that give you a special bonus.

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The game system is very similar to role-playing games, where you can level up for each type of outfit you get for your princesses. As for the pets, they serve to explore and guide you in new territories, and they will be faithful guardians in case some thief gets in your way. However, like any pet in real life, you must take care of it since it is necessary to advance to the next level in the game.

The reward system of the game is very varied; some of them are:

  • Gold is the main currency of the game, and you will be able to use it to produce clothes, gifts, or communicate with your friends.
  • Diamonds are very rare and difficult to obtain because they are very limited; however, you can pay with real money or wait to get enough to exchange it for some rare clothing.
  • Energy, this reward is very limited per player, so you must use it wisely, as you will need it to pass some events or special missions.
  • Gold tickets can be obtained successfully in adventure missions, where you must explode balloons to obtain special prizes.
  • Fashion points can be obtained every time you level up for seasons, and you will also receive valuable prizes.

The game's PvP system is based mainly on who has the best outfit between you and other players, where you will be awarded points if you win.

The Good

It contains ads, but these work for you since they provide special material that serves to revive.

Very good graphics.

The character design is well-detailed.

The Bad

At the beginning of the game, everything works excellently, and you can get unique outfits, but as you progress, these become difficult to obtain, and you will have to resort to the real payment system.

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