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Three Kingdoms: The Overlord 2D Strategy Game involves building cities and raising your army to take on the enemy forces in order to gain dominance. The Three Kingdoms era was when China was divided into three states: Shu, Wu, and Wei.

Three Kingdoms: The Overlord game is more combat-oriented than a game about building cities. You build your city by building huts and markets, farms, and other buildings, much like a strategy game. You can use your currency, which is gold, silver, and raw materials, to build structures.

You will need to build barracks and train troops in order to raise an army. Generals will then send these troops out for battle. These heroes, or generals, are highly skilled fighters and inspired by historical warriors. Liao Hau and Fa heng are some of the most prominent generals. You can unlock these generals while on the move, or you may use the in-game currency for purchase.

Three Kingdoms: The Overlord system has an automatic battle. You have the option to select the type and number and one or more generals. The troops will be able to fight on their own and die if they reach zero health. You can collect resources by defeating your enemies and taking over their cities. This will allow you to train more troops.


  • Relive the historical era that was the Three Kingdoms
  • Manage your resources well and build your strength
  • Enjoy some historical greats
  • Watch your troops destroy your enemies from the comfort of your chair.
  • Conquer hostile territories and establish your outpost
  • Forge an alliance to unite China
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    How to PLAY Three Kingdoms: Overlord on PC

    How to PLAY Three Kingdoms: Overlord on PC

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