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theRenamer is a software to easily rename movies and TV series you have stored on your computer.

theRenamer massively modifies the names of movies and TV series episode files. With a modern but simple interface, all you have to do is drag the files onto the GUI.

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With this application you’ll be able to organize your collection of movies and TV series episodes so that all of them have the same name, chapter number and season structure, and create subfolders to keep them organized. Thus, you’ll keep them unified and if you want you can burn each season to a DVD or leave them stored on your computer.

theRenamer makes adding text to the beginning or end of file name or removing a string of characters in those names possible. In addition, this tool can search for files with the same format in film and television databases with Internet web pages available. theRenamer willlet you know, through an error message, if it detects two files with the same name.

theRenamer is a tool that can become indispensable for film enthusiasts and those addicted to TV series who want to have their files organized and at hand.

by Augusto Baldi

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