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TeraCopy is a program designed to copy and move files as fast as one can, giving the users a lot of possibilities.

TeraCopy is a tool that substitutes Windows transfer files manager, integrating completely to your office without spending resources. Between the features found in TeraCopy, the best ones are to copy and paste files faster, to pause and get back files transfer without any problem, rearrange possible mistakes, interactive lists, Shell´s integration and a complete help menu.

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TeraCopy Pro version allows, besides of the other features previously mentioned, to copy and move your favorite folders, to eliminate selected copy and paste files and to obtain free upgrades and priority support. Its use is very simple; you only have to select the files to be copied, open the context menu and to execute the option you wish to.

It has an advantage over the similar systems because of its great integration capacity that offers in Windows which is defined as copied defect method. TeraCopy will reduce the time of dragging and dropping elements from a folder to another.

by Augusto Baldi

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