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Tap Titans 2 features both multiplayer and offline modes. With its powerful sword, you play the main character, who fights against the evil titan forces.

Tap Titans 2 is straightforward and only has one tap control. There are no other controls. You can set the name and avatar for your character at will. You must complete each level. Each level contains a boss and nine monsters you must defeat. To kill enemies, tap quickly on the screen. Your character will then slash them with its sword.

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Each enemy you defeat rewards you with coins, which you can later use to upgrade. You will also find allies who join your team to fight alongside you as the game progresses. Higher levels are more difficult, but the most challenging part of the game is taking out the bosses. If you fail to defeat a boss, the level will be reset, and you'll have to battle its minions again.

Multiplayer mode allows you to join or create a clan and take part in clan raids. You'll also be competing against other players in leaderboard rankings. Tap Titans 2 features vibrant anime-style graphics that make it a lot of fun. You can customize the armor and sword of your character, as well as gather pets.


  • Tap your way to victory
  • Simple control
  • You can play on 14 different maps
  • Over 150 bosses and monsters can be defeated
  • Amazing animations in anime style
  • Online and offline modes are available
  • Clan raids for multi-players and leaderboard rankings
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