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Talking Tom Cat is a free application for mobile that plays what you say catty and funny tone.

Talking Tom Cat is a cute cat waiting at the screen of your smartphone to talk to him repeat your words with feline tone. It is an ideal application for the smallest of the house and for the kids to enjoy touching the screen and interacting with this pet. Careful, it's addictive for adults too!

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Tom, the cat, it becomes a real pet because in addition to repeating everything you say you can give milk, and pet the cat moving a fingertip across the screen. In Talking Tom Cat there are situations like the cat yawning funny because you do not speak or sneezing because he is bored.

You can also die of laughing, angering Tom giving two touches on its tail, feet or ears. The application is free and if you want to get more features fun for Tom you can do, also for free by completing offers, or buying packs directly with extras.

If you are a parent, when you start the application you choose to launch the game in parental mode and have control over the use of apps. Talking Tom Cat lets you record the cat repeating what your children say and set the audio as phone ringtone.

Talking Tom Cat allows you to record a video as you interact with the cat and then share it on Facebook and Twitter, upload it to YouTube or send via email, WhatsApp.

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