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The dark side of Disney characters

Tales of Grimm is a role-based game where you will have to choose your team to complete the missions that are presented to you; some of these roles are: "warriors," "mages," "support," or "guardians," but you must remember that some belong to very high levels and others are for a lower level, this is what makes it very interactive since you can create strategies out of the ordinary.

One of the main objectives is that you can exercise your Disney character more easily and live the feeling of improving them. You can also find and save lost treasures to make your characters stronger by the minute, as well as earn many rewards and get medals for your characters.

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The great thing about starting to play this kind of game is that you can explore more fairy tale stories, where many secrets are hidden in discreet corners, waiting for dreamers to explore them. You can also play various modes to discover more stories about the natives of the fairytale land.

For lovers who are looking to prove their strategies and combat modes, this game can be perfect for you, as remember that you are not the only one summoned here, and you can fight with other netizens. You just have to tweak and pull out the best formations of characters that will fight as warriors by your side to be number one in the PVP Arena.

Build your own team:

An important aspect and I think you should know so that your combat team is the best; you should know that the types of classes mentioned above classify these and that I detail you below:

  • Guardians : These are widely used in the game due to their resistance in battle, so they are usually at the forefront of the battle as they provide strong shields and will try to protect your team at all costs.
  • Warriors : These are good for melee fighting, as well as causing a great amount of damage to the enemy.
  • Mage : just like warriors, they can cause a great amount of damage, but these use their skill in spells that make them a real headache for your enemies.
  • Support : keep in mind that having this character in your team will be very useful because he can provide you with very effective healing potions and regenerate you during the battle.

If you want to be the best, your team balance must have at least one of each class.

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