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Synthesia is a game that will teach us how to play piano using a graphic notes interface that will be dropped as we follow the rhythm.

If sometimes you dreamed to be a piano player, but never had the opportunity to have classes, this is a unique opportunity: Synthesia will be your private teacher during the 24 hours of the day, but the best of everything, is that you won't have to pay a cent for that. Yes, it is free! However, there is a version not too expensive with a little more advanced functions.

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Synthesia executes the classes in the base to MIDI files; therefore if you want to learn a piano song long ago, you can look for it in this type of files internet libraries and open it with this great program: It will teach as playing in a magisterial way without having any previous piano knowledge.

With Synthesia we can learn how to play melodies, symphonies or songs with a common keyboard and electricity if we connect it to our computer. We will also be able to take a historical registration of our progress divided among the songs that we learned.

If you want to transform yourself in the next Mozart, you should not have any doubts about uploading this great program that will bring, for sure, afternoons of entertainment and learning. Synthesia is available for PC or for Mac and the requests are not so high to the point of making you give up on trying... with certainty you will be "hooked" to him without any kind of problem.

by Augusto Baldi

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Learn how to play piano with Synthesia

Learn how to play piano with Synthesia

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