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Subway Surfers is a game that mixes genre platforms and endless runners. The main character is found in Subway Surfers by a policeman who makes graffiti on a train car.

The goal of the character is to escape from the policeman. Subway Surfer is a simple game that has become a popular mobile game. The player can control the protagonist as he runs through the tracks where trains travel at the fastest speed. The commands are the arrows that allow the character to roll on the ground, jump, and move to the right or left. You can run through three lanes and must avoid obstacles like fences, bushes, and moving trains. The game's speed will increase as you progress. Users love the variety of power-ups that are available along the route. These have a limited duration and can be used to perform super jumps or fly for a specific time. Each race will have a different type of coin that can be used to increase the character's stats and/or acquire or improve the game’s power-ups, such as the magnets or jetpack.

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In addition to buying new characters and outfits for your existing ones, you can also purchase different themed skateboards. You can also earn rewards by completing missions that change from time to time.

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    How to PLAY Subway Surfers on PC

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