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Subway Surfers is a fun mobile game that will make you spend hours dodging guard escaping trains and subway.

Subway Surfers is available for smartphones have operating systems iOS, Android and Kindle, so do not miss an opportunity to have fun being the character of this game. Jake is a daring subway graffiti in New York you have to avoid at all costs the subway guard and his fearsome hound captured him.

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In Subway Surfers your can go to the metro station running, skateboarding, jumping or going under fences. You'll have to use the most of your skills to avoid hitting the obstacles you'll encounter along the way, such as cars, machines conductive, fences and many others.

While avoiding obstacles in Subway Surfers do not forget to collect coins you find along the way because, that measures accumulate, they will allow you to switch characters and adding improvements such as skateboards or jetpack. Also, if you complement the game with Facebook, you can get more coins and invite friends to compete.

The Subway Surfers graphics are extremely attractive and inviting to play without stopping at a breakneck speed. Simply touch the screen of your smartphone you can perform many stunts with your character.

Test your skills and enjoy with Subway Surfers!

by Augusto Baldi

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