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Streamus is a Google Chrome's extension, that allow us to listen songs from Youtube, without needing to have any browser's tab open.

Youtube is the greatest video portal of the world, and millions of people use it daily to see and listen to his favorite songs. The possibility of create custom playlists, made Youtube a perfect place to listen to our favorite music and in the order that we choose.
One of the drawbacks of using Youtube as a music player, is that if we want to pause or forward a song, we need to find the tab where it is opened to make any change on the playlist.

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Streamus is presented as an ideal solution to play any song that is present in Youtube.
So we only need to download and install the extension in the Google Chrome browser. Once installed, an icon will appear on the browser toolbar. When we click on the app icon, we will see a simple window where we can perform the following actions:

  • Search for songs: Thanks to this option, we will be able to search for a song by title or author, and the program will display a list of all matches found. We can play founded songs, add them to a playlist, add them to the queue for playback, or to open them in Youtube.

  • Create playlist: We can create playlist adding songs found by the search engine integrated into the program. In such a way that if we want to create a playlist of “Nirvana”, we just have to create the playlist and look for “Nirvana” in the finder, and add those songs that we want to be in our playlist.
    Another option to create a playlist, is to enter the URL of a list or Mix, already present in Youtube, and Streamus will import automatically all the songs of that list, or Mix, creating a local playlist.

Another way to add songs to the player, is to type in the word “streamus” on the browser's address bar, and then enter the name of the song we want to add to the player.

once we have the songs loaded into the program, we will be able to listen to them regardless of the browser tab or window that we have open. At any times we will be able to access the playback functions clicking on the icon of the extension.

The playlists can be played sequential, i.e. one after the other or randomly. Also we can set the player to repeat indefinitely a list, or a single song.

Another option that make this tool a great music player, is the activate radio mode option. The radio mode will add automatically new songs at the end of the current playlist. The loaded songs are not chosen randomly, but they will be similar to those songs that we've heard recently on Streamus, thus, we will have an infinite playlist that match our tastes.

The playlists created on Streamus can be imported to Youtube with a single click. In addition, we also will be able to share simple playlists with any user of Streamus, we only need to press the Export option, and a new tab will be open on the browser pointing to an URL that we will be able to share with any people we want.

One of the remarkable features of this player, is the ability to associate keyboard shortcuts with some player functions. For example, we may associate the “Ctrl+Right Arrow” keys, to skip to the next song of the playlist, or “Ctrl+Arrow Down” to pause/resume the song. In this way we will control the player with the keyboard.
We must keep in mind that the shortcuts can be used if the Chrome browser is in the foreground.

In some versions of this extension we can preview the videos of the songs that are being played. This feature was introduced in order to comply with the rules imposed by Google. Despite this, the extension can't be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. On Usitility we offer you the download of the .crx file so you can install it easily on the Google Chrome browser.

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