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Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is a space strategy free video game.

The Strange Adventures In Infinite Space purpose is to explore for 10 years the majority quantity of solar and stellar systems possible. The spaceship you command must get back to its stellar system of origin, Glory, whithin that period of time in order to get the highest scoring.

On your way back to Glory you’ll discover new planets and will have to pickup different objects and special artifacts, capture and combat creatures and make allies. You also will encounter peace and cooperation foreign patrols, but be careful for there are others that are hostile and looking to engage in combat.

Ultimately, Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is a survival journey in space amid the depths of remote galaxies and far away stars. Try not to fall into the black holes because you’ll lose the game or go through the purple nebulas because you will considerably slow down your journey.

The starting and ending point is always the same planet: Glory, you must return to it to properly end the game and earn reward.

It is recommended to start the first game with the default settings until you acquire the needed skills to use the commands and fly the spaceship. Once you learn how to use the Strange Adventures In Infinite Space’s interface, the medium difficulty setting will probably be the one you’re going to use the most.

by Augusto Baldi

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