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3D Chess is a chess game in wich we can play against the computer or other player.

The possibility of turning its board, modifying the difficulty level to proof our skills and changing the pieces’ style, make this three dimension chess game, a new challenge to this game’s lovers.

Steviedisco 3D Chess screenshot

The detailed graphics of 3D Chess are a great feature offered by this free download and gratuitous game, in which maybe, we could spend hole hours trying to beat our opponents. Reading the following list could give us a global idea about this game’s functionality:

  1. Easy understanding interface in English, with a help menu to facilitate the game as well as its features.
  2. High realism in peaces’ movements through virtual “hands” that grab, drag and drop the pieces, giving us the feeling of being in a real match.
  3. 3D Chess offers thee difficulty levels: Easy, medium and Hard. In the first one we can try our chess knowledge with certain simplicity, but in the second one things change. Only true experts will be able to win the “Hard” level.

3D Chess promises to involve us in a knowledge atmosphere, having as a starting point that chess, as scientific studies says, can give us a huge personality builder potential, increase our creativity, all this by means of assimilating everyday’s problems in a better way and solving them in a much easier way.

The cultural enrichment that offers this game will increase our intellectual coefficient no mattering the age or sex of its players.

by Augusto Baldi

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