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StepMania is a dance game that emulates the famous Dance Dance Revolution.

StepMania is a game in which you have to dance in time to the music and follow the dance steps that the game displays. You can play with the PC keyboard, though it is not as enjoyable as playing with a dancing carpet with which you will be able to have fun of StepMania at 100%.

StepMania screenshot

StepMania has very good and funny graphics, although the most outstanding features are the playability and the music. StepMania is not equipped with any song to dance from the beginning. But then you may download free songs for StepMania from the Internet. There are plenty of Web pages that let you download songs for StepMania and, in this way, your fun is assured since there are always new songs. If you like to shake your stuff and have a good time, do not hesitate to download StepMania and play until your body can bear it.

by Augusto Baldi

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