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      Stellar Drive ToolBox is a program that includes all the necessary tools to keep the Mac hard drive in tip-top condition.

      While using our Mac, we accumulate files, programs, widgets, etc., that take up unnecessary space on the hard drive of our Mac. Due to the continued use, also quite likely that our Mac will begin to go more slowly than normal. While Mac systems tend to be more stable than Windows systems, this doesn't mean that it no need maintenance and care to keep the maximum performance. Stellar Drive ToolBox keeps our Mac as new since the software takes care of cleaning unnecessary data, which takes up space and slows down the performance of our machine. The software will take care of eliminating: duplicate files, unnecessary caches, log files, applications, plugins, widgets, languages files, etc.

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      If we want to improve the speed of our hard drive further, we can run a hard drive defragmentation tool, which is in charge of organizing the file somehow, getting faster access to them. We can defrag a file, unused space, or the entire hard disk.

      Also, we can edit and manage the partitions easily, thanks to the graphical interface. Without losing data, we can delete, add, format, or resize partitions.
      We can also clone hard disks or volumes easily. Thus we can create backup copies of all our data in a few clicks.

      If we have some problem with the hard disk volume, we can use the tool "Repair Volume," which can repair the permissions of the boot, repair it if it's corrupt or rebuild the full Volume.
      If we want more security and to avoid data loss, we must use the "Shield" tool, which is in charge of making an image (exact copy) of our hard drive, which we can later use to retrieve deleted or corrupted files. We can schedule this tool to run every day at a certain time.

      If we are concerned about our privacy and confidentiality, we can use the "Wipe" tool to delete accumulated private data, including cookies, browser history, history of recently used files, etc. We can also encrypt files and directories to prevent other people from accessing the data contained in them.

      Another great option that includes Stellar Drive ToolBox is carrying out searches of files. Offering the results quickly and with graphical representation allows us to see which files and folders take up more space on our hard drive.

      We have always controlled our hard drive thanks to the included monitor, where we can see and monitor the hard disk status. We will see if there is a bad sector, check the temperature, or if any of the SMART parameters are abnormal.

      We can also launch a hard disk performance test and check if the performance has suffered a downturn. Visualize it quickly, thanks to the graph shown by the program.

      There is a section in the software where we can schedule all of these utilities to run at certain hours of the day, so our hard drive and system will always be optimized and protected against data corruption.

      As we can see, this is a great package of tools that helps keep our Mac ready to go and at 100% of its capabilities, making us forget the slowness when opening the browser or the long waiting time when we open the graphics editor. If we use this software often, our Mac will thank us.

      The software is payment and offers a demo version with which we can test the program's functionality. If you want to buy it, you can press the button below, leading you to the digital store to purchase the product.

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