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State of Survival, a strategy game for zombie shooting, was published by KingsGroup Holdings. The zombie plague ravages the world. As you and other survivors try to survive terrors and hardships, humanity's very existence is at risk.

You can build a den to protect your settlers. You can build your base, collect resources, upgrade existing structures, and train troops to do this.

State of Survival has a strong storyline supported by detailed character descriptions. This makes it more enjoyable to play. Each character has their abilities, such as the ability to cross-bow and others that can throw bombs at zombies.

You will encounter your troops and other zombies in fast-paced battles. You can place your troops in a desired spot on the ground. Your soldiers can choose to deploy their troops in a preferred position on the land.

You can also join other survivor groups around the globe to fight the undead. The State of Survival has an engaging storyline, lots of action, socializing elements, and base-building elements.

Features :

  • Survive the horrors and sanity of the zombie apocalypse

  • To withstand an attack, strengthen your settlement

  • You can build buildings, collect resources, or upgrade your base.

  • For the defense of your base, train troops and send them out

  • Explosive encounters can take down zombie hordes

  • Collaborate with other players from around the globe

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    How to PLAY State of Survival on PC

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