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Standoff 2 is an online multiplayer FPS Counter Strike inspired. Two sides will face each other on small maps.

"Deathmatch," the main game mode, is a 5-minute battle in which one team gets the most kills against its opponent. After being defeated, players can't re-enter the game. "Defuse the Bomb" is a classic game mode. The objective is to place or defuse an explosive C4 charge at a particular location on the map. This modality also has a variation mode where the teams can switch sides halfway. Another game mode is "Arms Race," where the objective is to kill the enemy constantly.

Each time an enemy is killed, the weapon assigned to him changes. If the same player is killed in battle, they are assigned a different type of weapon. There are 16 levels of weapons in this game. They range from the highest to the lowest fatality. The knife is the last weapon. The player with the most kills using this white weapon will win the game. The "Sniper Duel," which is also known as the "Deathmatch," is a mode where only one character is available, the sniper. The user will unlock all weapons and have their "skins" paid for. These skins allow the user to customize the appearance of the weapons without changing the stats.

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    How to PLAY Standoff 2 on PC

    Download Standoff 2 on PC How do you have fun with Standoff 2 on a laptop or desktop, and how does it run? This is the question asked by many...