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SportTracks is a program specially designed for all those who are bike’s, jogging or running lovers that whish to have everything well-ordered about the complete information and registers of their physical activity.

This program combines technology with the best utile possibility that any open field athlete should have: Ideal for those who use GPS in their itinerary, SportTracks allows integrating awesome applicative as Google Earth. Lots of data will provide to user one of the best tools related to information. All personal progresses will be saved in this potent gratuitous program.

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If you are an everyday athlete, you will be able to control, effectively, your weight, cardiac rhythm, kilometres run and more. The time registered in a usual circuit will be kept and compared by SportTracks so that you have the possibility to analyse your progresses in a very practical way.

The possibility of controlling everything we want in our activity, gives SportTracks lots of advantage when compared to similar programs. SportTracks is compatible to many popular data import formats and allows exporting your exercise data to be seen in other programs in an easy way.

It’s also possible adding and editing activities manually and all tracks included in GPS map, correcting the satellite reception, creating random tracks with variable difficulties and more.

by Augusto Baldi

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