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Spelunky is a free and gratuitous 2D game with good potential to be contagious and has a very good way to play.

Basically, Spelunky is the name of a rewards hunter that aims to cross various levels searching for treasures, in a cave infested with enemies and traps.

The difficulties that Spelunky has to overcome are the main feature of this game that make you get into very interesting adventures with the advantage that the driving controls of the character are simple to configure. Each crossed level is created randomly which shall, in good measure, assurance that we are not playing two repeated levels in your trail and it will depend on our own decisions choosing a path to reach the rescue of a damsel who was kidnapped by "enemies”

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Spelunky is a worth playing game, in addition, everything we decide will directly influence on our route and there will be occasions in which we won’t be able to leave a level because the exits are blocked with stones, being necessary to return to seek another path that leads us back to our path; this means that our challenge will be even worse and complex: Do you dare to achieve it?

To compensate for enemies attacks, Spelunky has several hand weapons as guns, knives, axes and powerful grenades; the last ones being of great use to drill some walls blocked by rocks and move forward. But not everything is free, rescuing the damsel has its price: We will find ourselves with great monetary value objects, gold, safes and many other rewards to make our missions a little more profitable. With the money earned during the trail we’ll be able to buy guns, hats and many other artifacts to warrant winning and rescuing the damsel who is desperate to be rescued healthy and safe.

by Augusto Baldi

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