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SpeedCrunch is an office calculator, free, open source, fast and of high accuracy.

SpeedCrunch will help you to solve mathematical calculations, perform algebraic analysis and solve problems of trigonometry.

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SpeedCrunch is as easy to use as writing the expression you want to solve and pressing Enter to get the result. In the program interface you can see who writes the expression as the result given by the calculator. You can also copy the expression of some document and paste it so SpeedCrunch can solve it.

To facilitate the task of some expressions, SpeedCrunch has buttons fixed, for example, cosine (cos) and tangent (tao).

SpeedCrunch sessions allow you to save and reuse operations later, if needed. It has the correction intelligent expressions incorporated and memory for unlimited variables. It also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to insert a variable, function, copy the last result in the desktop and save the current section as a text file, among other actions.

by Augusto Baldi

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