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Space Leaper: Cocoon is a strategy game released on August 16, 2022, by DAMO NETWORK LIMITED, and it has more than 100 thousand downloads by fans addicted to games of this kind.

This game allows the collection of cards of your characters from this famous anime series, which is very popular. It was developed with a chess game style, where every move and strategy you use can make you the undisputed winner.

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As for the characters, they are classified by their class: Support Teams, Tanks, Hunters, Assassins, Wizards, and Combatants. Likewise, they are classified by levels that will have to be improved by completing the tasks presented to you in the game.

Within the levels, we have the following:

  1. Level 1, characters that would be the best to obtain.
  2. Level 2, good characters.
  3. Level 3, decent characters.
  4. Level 4, here, all your warriors would be average, they are not very powerful and effective when attacking, but somehow, they can give you victory.
  5. Level 5, these warriors would be below average.

The Good

The user interface is highly spectacular.

Character design. The attention to detail is incredible.

It is a F2P game, meaning you do not need to "pay to win." Instead, you can advance in the game by completing the missions; with this, you could get a fully competitive team for your battles.

As previously mentioned, there is no need to buy resources with real money. However, this is not a problem either, as they have a system of microtransactions that is very affordable for users.

The Bad

Sometimes, it takes a little while to load the game, but thanks to its almost free-to-play system, it is worth a try, and give it a chance.

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    How to PLAY Space Leaper: Cocoon on PC

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