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SopCast is a program based on P2P technologies that will give you access to TV and Radio stations from all over the world.

It´s worth saying that what this software, known as SopCast, has as an interesting thing is that besides allowing watching your favorite shows and series, it will also allow broadcasting your own television content that could be transmitted via web.

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It´s important to know that the more people watch you channel the better will be the image´s reception and quality. In the other hand, also is possible to visualize other`s user channels, which have easy access, and it`s only going to be necessary to click on its link.

SopCast is very simple to use and maybe it is one of its strongest points because it is not necessary to configure anything, unless you wish to create your own TV net.

In this case it is necessary to consider certain criteria and to establish the configuration from some patterns. This way we can conclude that SopCast is a complete and easy program to all users.

by Augusto Baldi

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