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Sonic Visualiser is a free program to view and study the playing or recording of an audio file.

What Sonic Visualiser does is to show in its interface, graphically, the sound and the notes that make up a song. Thus, the user can follow the evolution of a song, study how it is composed sonically and separate it.

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Sonic Visualiser has a lot of options and its configuration is customizable. You can create different layers of sound, add effects and make several notes as comments.

Sonic Visualiser was developed by the Centre for Digital Music at the University of London with the aim of being a useful software for music professionals. Therefore, Sonic Visualiser is very useful for musicians and music students, audio professional, DJs and other songs fans in general.

Although being ideal for analyzing music files, Sonic Visualiser is also very good for analyzing radio shows or any other audio file without being necessarily a song. For example, it is also great for synthesizing a recording of a conversation or extract sound parts of it.

Sonic Visualiser is not difficult to use, but the more advanced ones in audio manipulation files, and in these types of program, can make a better use of all Sonic Visualiser features.

by Augusto Baldi

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