Soft Organizer 7.29 Windows XP problem solved


Soft Organizer 7.29 organize your Windows programs

Thanks to Soft Organizer you will not have a multitude of programs installed that you even don't know what are they for. Thanks to its simple and direct interface, you will know  quickly what are the programs installed on Windows, and you can delete those programs that you don't use anymore. There's just no excuse to have many programs installed on our PC that we don't know why we installed it.

You can download the latest version of Soft Organizer from our website Usitility. 

Soft Organizer 7.29 new features and improvements

This latest version of Soft Organizer brings a few improvements. Let's see these improvements:

  • Improved the workflow of unofficial translations
  • Fixed the problem that caused the program not run under Windows XP

These are all the news that brings this excellent uninstaller programs for Windows. There are not many improvements, but this software is updated frequently, so some of its versions, which include a few changes.

You can see all the information about the updates of this software on its official website: