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Back to the past

Life was quite better back in the old days, at least within our minds. That is mostly due to we tend to remember the good things from the past, instead of all of them. That being said, if you still have some great memories in your head related to the glorious SNES (a.k.a. Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES or Super Famicom) or if you just never used it before, but wanna know what is the deal with that magic console, then you are in the right place.   

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There is this special door that you should learn about, one that will allow you to get back in time to play those classics of old. The key word here is SNesoid. You can probably extrapolate some meaning from the name, right? It ends up being a mix from the words SNES and Android, so, basically, if you were thinking on an emulator for your phone, you are on the right track.

However, the app here is not just any other. SNesoid is the famous Super Nintendo emulator for Android created by the super-talented coder Yongzh, who has already gifted humanity with the NES emulator Nesoid and the Mega Drive emulator Gensoid, both of which do a pretty decent job of allowing you to rekindle your retro gaming memories via your trusty Android device. This guy knows what he is doing!

So, if you have already used the aforementioned apps, then finding your way around this one will be a run-of-the-mill. It uses pretty much the same structure as its stable brothers, with options covering screen size, sound emulation, on-screen D-pad controls and button assignment.

The gift of emulation

Are you wondering: What comes along with the word “emulation”? In this case, you will be allowed to get into the universe of such classic titles as Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, F-Zero, Super Metroid and Secret of Mana (if you are into RPG). I mean, we are talking here titles that are often cited by true retro connoisseurs as THE BEST CLASSICS out there. It is good fun and all the ROMS are tiny file sizes so there is no need to worry about memory on your phone.

At the same time, this kind of system helps you to broadening your horizons, as if there are not already enough games our there in the market, if you get yourself an emulator then it adds thousands more to your count!

You should also know that it does have some neat added features such as saving the game wherever you are, so then you can simply load it up with no stress and just continue playing from that exact point (no checkpoints or level completes needed). This point indeed becomes a boost because when we talk about SNES we are referring to really hard games and challenges. All the help comes in handy.

The Good and the Bad

+ Great Fun;

+ Amazing Phone Compatibility;

+ Quite Fast;

+ Tons of Games;

+ Travel Back in Time;

+ User-friendly and Intuitive.

- Not that many if you ask. I mean, come on, they are old games, but that is why they are called classics!

What can SNesoid do for you?

  • Run nearly all games;
  • On-screen keypad;
  • Save states;
  • Cheats;
  • Super scope;
  • Fast-forward;
  • Screen upside-down;
  • Multiple key profiles.

Just take a ride

Reaching the final point here, we are on the need of stablishing one main point and set things clear: if you are part of those people that think gaming is all about graphics and you love the up-to-date games with high specs and stuff, then the SNesoid could not really be your ideal kind of a date. Anyhow, if you are into some new challenges or you just have some keen sight that might allow you to see more than meet the common eyes, despite the out of date graphics, this app is just something that you will love.

So, just go on with the flow, let yourself try a bit of original good old days gaming and get this app. Even if you are still not certain, it surely is worth a try. Think about it, you have nothing to lose!

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