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Shop Titans is an RPG simulation where you play the role of a shopkeeper. You can build, customize, or upgrade your shop to make goods. You are a shopkeeper and must make the weapons and equipment needed to fight against the monsters that threaten your life. This game includes elements such as shop management, crafting building, and managing resources.

Your character is the first step in the game. Your character can be customized by choosing the gender, hair, skin color, and outfit. A brief tutorial will then show you the basics of shopkeeping. This tutorial will show you how to set up a shop, place equipment, hire workers, produce goods, and start selling.

In exchange for money, you may be able to hire merchants to make the goods later on. You can also explore the globe and find rare goods, in addition to the basic commodities like iron and wood. These items can be used to create more powerful weapons for your hero. Your main goal is to keep your heroes well-armed and well-equipped.

Shop Titans has vivid visuals that show all the characters, heroes, and equipment. The game's pay-to-win mechanics are often criticized, but the unique storyline is still a strong point.


  • Hone your shop-keeping skills
  • Your dream shop can be built and customized
  • Your best weapons are available to equip your heroes
  • Find unique items in the open world
  • You can trade and collaborate with other players all over the globe
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    How to PLAY Shop Titans on PC

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