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SEO PowerSuite is an excellent software that brings together the tools to study and improve web page ranking.

When we create a web page, we must to take care to some details if we want that our website rank well in search engines. There are many factors that influence website rankings: correct HTML code, inbound links, keywords density, etc. To take control of all ranking factors is rather laborious and requires hours of dedication. To help us in this task, we can use this software called SEO PowerSuite.

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This program integrates four tools, who are responsible for covering all necessary aspects to improve our web site ranks. This software is simple to use, even though we have plenty of options, so we have to invest time in learning about the tool and the concepts used in SEO's world. We can use this tool if we are SEO professional, as if we have never made any SEO task, since the program has online help and videotutorials.

The word SEO comes from Search Engine Optimization.

This tool pack has the following programs which help us to improve the ranking factors of a website:

  • Rank Tracker: Monitor and watch a list of selected keywords, and shows a graph with the evolution of these keywords over time. I.e., you enter a list of keywords, choose the search engines that we want to monitor, and schedule the start hour. The software checks each keyword and stores the position in which it is positioned. This way we can see the keywords ranking evolution.In addition, this tool suggests a list of keywords, that we can use on our website to enrich the number and variety of keywords .
  • WebSite Auditor: Analyzes the web pages in our website and reports errors such as: broken links, HTML code errors, titles too long or too short, duplicate content, 404 errors, and more. All these factors are important to rank well on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and WebSite Auditor automates the task of manually reviewing this type of details.
  • SEO SpyGlass: Reports about competitors websites, and displays information about the competitors backlinks. For example, if we want to know those sites linking to website , we must enter that URL into SEO SpyGlass, and it shows a list of all the web pages that have a link pointing back to The information displayed for each backlink is: Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, IP address, age of the domain, and more.This is a really useful information to know.
  • LinkAssistant: Help us in the work of getting links to our website. This tool has a number of options, which facilitates the search for web pages that accept link exchanges, and organize the results in such way, that we can decide what are the best websites to send the request to include our link.This tool includes an internal mail manager, so we can send easily mails to webmasters that we want to exchange links. It also controls if any website has deleted our website link. It also includes an internal browser, that can be used to automatically fill out website's forms.

SEO PowerSuite is paid, although it offers a fully functional demo, which we can use with some functions disabled.

The four tools that make SEO PowerSuite can be purchased independently, although when we buy full suite, we get a substantial discount on the final price.

Without a doubt, this is a program that saves hours of work, and helps organize the SEO work greatly.

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