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Sengoku Fubu, a strategy game that allows us to change the history of feudal Japan's Sengoku period, is where we aim to conquer all cities and be the general with the most power in Japan.

We will start by gaining access to fortresses, play with warlords such as Hotokawa, and conquer various territories with the help of an army consisting of soldiers and heroes. You can also create different structures to increase the production of soldiers, food, and money. It is important to be careful when expanding, as the lands that we have conquered may be stolen again. Besides the basics, honor is an important concept that we will gradually build up in the game. This includes assigning titles, paying money to the Emperor, and religious observation. Your honor may be affected by your vassals who might rebel or conspire against you. We can also organize plots against our enemies, allies, and overlords. They can also do so against us.

The game's tools encourage this type of activity, which allows for conspiracy battles and divided inheritances, hostage exchange, and ninjas assassination. The game's focus is on resource management, with many characters to choose from and attractive graphics.

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    How to PLAY Sengoku Fubu on PC

    Download Sengoku Fubu on PC How to have fun with Sengoku Fubu on a computer, and how it runs? This is seriously the question asked about by lots of internet...