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Secunia PSI is in charge to help keeping good security systems of your programs and applications installed in the operating system.

Secunia PSI is the solution to many of the problems that may occur when a user installs more than one applicative of which we are not sure about its good functioning: this could cause failures in the whole system and, for sure, destabilize all processes. Secunia PSI revises which of installed programs don’t have security failures and which ones could be affecting the good functioning of the operative system and of the computer.

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When we execute Secunia PSI, the same program searches in each one of the applicative that are in our operative system if any of them have security failures, and provides a report offering the parches or updates that can correct these failures: everything is made through internet connection.

Secunia PSI is not a software that acts as an antivirus, but presents solutions to maintain your computer as new, free of failures, with the applicative that will be useful and protective from some threats that could cause future problems and even that your PC couldn’t be initiated.

by Augusto Baldi

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