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Are you into recording? If not, do you want to be into it? If you do, well, things just get easier and easier for you here. Because if you want to create training videos, classes videos, product reviews, tutorial for teachers, reflections for students, recording directions and much more; or if you just want to avoid of the hassle when trying to explain a task to a freelancer, client or colleague, now it is all very simple. All that you will be needing to feel complete is call Screencastify.

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As the name is suggesting, it's a Chrome browser extension that allows you to record your screen (aka. screencast recorder). So, how does this work? You just install the extension in your browser and then you can get started making recordings, so, YES, it is an ultra-simple screen recorder that will supercharge the way you communicate at work and life.  It is able to record all screen activity inside a tab, including audio. Just press record and the content of your tab will be recorded!

You will be amazed of the possibilities of recording, editing and sharing HD videos in only seconds that this extension presents. I mean, basically, you can make a video in seconds showing what you are doing on your screen, as well as record an accompanying audio track, kind of useful if you’re narrating a tutorial or something.

There are loads of different screen recording software options out there, but, we are talking here about an 8,000,000 weekly users one that is currently being used in almost 190 countries. Well, that my friend, is what I call a famous tool.

More than meets the eyes

The great thing about Screencastify is that it does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins), running on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes: So, in a nutshell, video recording happens completely locally unless you want it any other way. What are the implications then? Well, you will see that your recordings will not be transferred to any remote system unless you choose to upload them, so that will have quite some impact on your local storage space.

But in that regard, you will be allowed to choose to store your recordings on Google Drive, helping you save local storage space (especially on Chromebooks) at the same time that it will allow you to have access to your recordings from other devices.

It also supports desktop capturing, that will allow you to record anything on your screen, not just Chrome's tabs).

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

On the good side, it will help you capture several steps that you can take in a short video and share this with your work teams or friends, even though if they are in a different time zone. From there onwards, it will just keep getting better as when you start working with it for some time, you will realize that things will be just getting faster for you. Efficiency-made flesh, my friend, and it does not even require big size to operate on the desktop. 

On the bad side, you will find that it only saves the video to a specified file type to your Google Drive. Why is that a problem? Well, in truth, if you want to upload that file to another program or just to download it to send it as an attachment, it will be an issue for you.

On the ugly side, I mean, this item ends up being not a bad nor a good thing, it is only kind of ugly. The extension gets updated so very often that it is hard to keep track and keep up on that. It ends up being an ugly thing due to the fact that there usually are not major changes, just simple updates and small changes.

To record, or not to record

Screencastify as a screen capture/screencast software was created ONLY for use with Chrome browsers, but it also runs on Chromebooks. Just one thing before getting started, be sure to ALLOW Screencastify access to your microphone to enable voice recordings. At the end you will chose to record in your job, to record in your life, learning what efficiency means, and you will find out that you will not be able to keep on living without this amazing extension.

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