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      Rush Royale is a competitive game in the "Tower Defense" category. We will face endless waves of enemies with another player to survive longer than our rivals. We use soldiers, magicians, and other troops to fight our enemies. The number of trophies we have will determine how well we match up against other players when we start a new game. You must place the troops in a specific area so that they can attack the enemies. We consume energy when we place a troop. This energy can be replenished by killing enemies. The troops attack all enemies that appear in the lane. The objective is to stop the monsters from crossing the entire route to the fortress.

      When we reach the fortress, each monster takes a portion of our life. We must survive until the other player dies. The towers will attack you automatically in the game. Although you don't need to do much, the fun part is the ability to combine troops to create others of a higher rank. If they merge, they can also change their element or identity. Every character is unique. Each has an element or ability that is distinctive. We can find their cards in the chests we get as we win games to improve our understanding of them.

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      There is also a 2-player cooperative mode that allows players to work together to survive large waves. There is also a trophy ranking system, as well as a variety of events that can change at any time.

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          How to PLAY Rush Royale on PC

          Download Rush Royale on PC How to have fun with Rush Royale on PC and the way it runs? That's genuinely the main matter asked about by lots of visitors...